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20 May


War finance, the fiscal and monetary methods that are used in meeting the costs of war, including taxation, compulsory loans, voluntary domestic loans, foreign loans, and the creation of money.
Government efforts to finance major wars have frequently led to major changes in the tax system. In the United States, for example, higher personal income tax rates, lower exemptions, and a deduction-at-source system of collection were introduced. Great Britain and many other belligerents in World War II resorted to general sales taxes.
Compulsory loans have been used as an alternative to taxation. Voluntary loans, in which money is raised by selling government bonds, are of two types those financed by the bankers and others from credit created by expansion of the monetary supply. The first type of loan is generally anti-inflationary because it eliminates excess purchasing power; the second type, under wartime conditions, is likely to be as inflationary as would be the printing of new paper money.
The most dangerous form of war finance is the printing of new paper money, resorted to when no more taxes can be collected and the government’s credit has broken down. Usually the printing is not done by the government directly but by the central bank, which then lends the printed money to the government through purchases of bonds
Major wars are usually financed to some extent by inflationary measures. Inflation distributes the burden of war costs in an arbitrary manner, penalizing persons with fixed incomes. After a certain point, inflation may even lower production by placing a premium on the hoarding of raw materials and durable goods, as well as the holding of real estate and …
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19 May

SAGUACHE — Undersheriff Dan Warwick tendered his resignation last Thursday, according to Saguache Sheriff Mike Norris.

Warwick had been with the Saguache Sheriff’s Office for the past – years. He served as a deputy there from 1995 to 2002 and as Undersheriff from 2002 to 2010.

Warwick said he resigned because he had heard from several citizens privately that following the election Sheriff Norris planned to either demote or dismiss him.

Norris had no comment concerning Warwick’s resignation.

Trevor Hawkins has been appointed to serve as interim undersheriff and Investigator Mark Werts has been assigned as patrol supervisor, Norris said. He indicated that the assignments could possibly change following the election.

Sheriff Mike Norris

19 May

Saguache County Sheriff’s Office

Mike Norris

PO Box 265
Saguache, Colorado 81149


County: Saguache



Merlin Christmas 2009

19 May

Extech RH520A

19 May

Extech RH520A Humidity Dataloggers – Max Temperature: 140 F, Min Temperature: -20 F, Power Source: AC Line


Extech RH520A

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  • Basic accuracy 3%RH, 1.8°F/1°C
  • Simultaneous numerical and graphical display of Humidity and Temperature readings, plus Time and Date
  • Measures Humidity (10 to 95%RH) and Temperature (-20.0°F to 140.0°F) plus calculates Dew Point
  • LCD indicates percentage of memory remaining
  • Large dual graphical LCD displays with adjustable vertical and horizontal TAC resolution
  • Internal memory records up to 49,000 data points and can be transferred to a PC via RS-232 serial port for further data analysis


  • Store humidity and temperature historical data for report generation
  • Record process conditions
  • Monitor and record Laboratory or clean Room temperature and humidity history
  • Generate warning when conditions are outside required limits
  • Monitor controlled environment areas such as freezers, storage areas and other critical areas
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Group Session – Progressive Insurance Commercial

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