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The Farm and Ranch Show

10 Apr

Merlin and The Sword

10 Apr
Originally filmed in 1982, Arthur the King wasn’t able to secure a network-TV berth until April 26, 1985. Malcolm McDowell plays good King Arthur, whose dream of Camelot is endangered by the evil Morgan Le Fay, played by Candice Bergen in her TV-movie debut. That this might have been intended as the pilot for a weekly series is evidenced by the otherwise pointless inclusion of Dyan Cannon, cast as a ditzy 20th- Century tourist who falls through a time warp while roaming around Stonehenge. You’ll want to see Arthur the King if only to find out why minor-player Miro Pfeiffer’s character name is “Undead Knight”.



9 Apr

McCloskey Motors…

9 Apr


9 Apr

Assman | Seinfeld | TBS

9 Apr

M.A.S.H. Episode 9.06 A War For All Seasons Discussion Post

8 Apr

Oh my, Hawkeye and B.J. lounging on their “patio” listening to the radio. That is sooo domestic. Sigh!

“Hey daddio, you don’t like our new radio, get off our patio.”