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Psychology Today, 1972: A Portrait of Carlos Castaneda

3 Oct

Keen, Sam. Sorcerer’s apprentice. Psychology Today, 1972(Dec),6 90-92.

The Magazine of Midwestern State University

21 Jun


Rolling Stone Magazine: March 24th, 1994 RS678

9 Apr


  • The Devil Inside Glenn Danzig

    That old black magic isn’t just a sales gimmick

  • Rolling Stone Interview: Jonathan Demme on ‘Philadelphia’, Tom Hanks, Homophobia

    ‘Philadelphia’ director believes that helping those out who struggle is less of a duty than it is a pleasure

  • ‘Beavis and Butt-head’: The Last Word From America’s Phenomenal Pop Combo

    The last word from America’s phenomenal pop combo



Rolling Stone – John and Yoko

6 Apr


6 Apr

Freedom is a magazine published by the Church of Scientology since 1968.[1] The magazine describes its focus as “Investigative Reporting in the Public Interest.” A frequent topic is psychiatry, which Scientology strongly opposes.


Modern Scientists

6 Apr

Bruce Jenner’s World Class Decathlon

5 Apr