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Hang ‘Em High (1967) • Trailer

10 Apr

Merlin and The Sword

10 Apr
Originally filmed in 1982, Arthur the King wasn’t able to secure a network-TV berth until April 26, 1985. Malcolm McDowell plays good King Arthur, whose dream of Camelot is endangered by the evil Morgan Le Fay, played by Candice Bergen in her TV-movie debut. That this might have been intended as the pilot for a weekly series is evidenced by the otherwise pointless inclusion of Dyan Cannon, cast as a ditzy 20th- Century tourist who falls through a time warp while roaming around Stonehenge. You’ll want to see Arthur the King if only to find out why minor-player Miro Pfeiffer’s character name is “Undead Knight”.


Pirates of the Caribbean • On Stranger Tides

8 Apr

As Good As It Gets

6 Apr

As Good As it Gets



Cinderella Leaving the Ball

6 Apr

Red Dawn Trailer (1984)

5 Apr

Red Dawn



Star Trek • Generations

22 Nov