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Alice In Wonderland • If I had a world of my own . . .

25 Apr


The Late Show with David Letterman in Black & White

7 Apr


Bull & Barrel

5 Apr


Alice In Wonderland • The Mad Tea Party (Image)

2 Mar

The Mad Tea Party

Engraving from Dante’s Inferno by Gustave Doré, 1861

24 Oct

Amid this dread exuberance of woe / Ran naked spirits wing’d with horrid fear, / Nor hope had they of crevice where to hide, / Or heliotrope to charm them out of view


Summary: Canto XXIV

Making their way to the Seventh Pouch of the Eighth Circle of Hell, Virgil and Dante face many dangers. Because of the collapsed bridge, they must navigate treacherous rocks, and Virgil carefully selects a path before helping his mortal companion along. Dante loses his breath for a moment, but Virgil urges him onward, indicating that a long climb still awaits them. They descend the wall into the Seventh Pouch, where teeming masses of serpents chase after naked sinners; coiled snakes bind the sinners’ hands and legs. Dante watches a serpent catch one of the sinners and bite him between the shoulders. He watches in amazement as the soul instantly catches fire and burns up, then rises from the ashes to return to the pit of serpents.