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Sonnet – To Science

12 Jun

Sonnet – To Science

Image 5 May


Alice In Wonderland

25 Apr

Magical Passes

12 Apr




Magical Passes, Carlos Castanda; HarperCollins Publisher Inc, New York ©1998

At Chichen-Itza

11 Apr

At Chichen-Itza, in Yucatan, the chief wonder is the gigantic pyramid-temple known as El Castillo. It is reached by a steep flight of steps, and from it is the vast ruins of Chichen radiate in a circular manner. To the east is the market-place, to the north a mighty temple, and a tennis-court, perhaps the best example of its kind in Yucatan, whilst to the west stand the Nunnery and the Chichan-Chob, or prison, Concerning Chichen-Itza Cogulludo tells the following story: “A king of Chichen called Canek fell desperately in love with a young princess, who, whether she did not return his affection or whether she was compelled to obey a parental mandate, married a more powerful Yucatec cacique. The discarded lover, unable to bear his loss, and moved by love and despair, armed his dependents and suddenly fell upon his successful rival. Then the gaiety of the feast was exchanged for the din of war, and amidst the confusion the Chichen prince disappeared, carrying off the beautiful bride. But conscious that his power was less than his rival’s, and fearing his vengeance, he fled the country with most of his vassals.” It is a historical fact that the inhabitants of Chichen abandoned their city, but whether for the reason given in this story or not cannot be discovered.


The Myths of Mexico & Peru

By Lewis Spence F.R.A.I. (New York FARRAR & RINEHART Publishers) Printed in Great Britain at the Ballantine Press by Spottiswoode Ballantine & Co. Ltd. Cholchester London & Eton p.188-189

Feeling the Power of the Ocean

11 Apr

Richard de Mille, Ed. The Don Juan Papers Further Castaneda Controversies (Santa Barbara, Ross Erikson Publishers, 1980. p.315.)

Inside the Bible

10 Apr

“Many Catholics revere the Bible without reading it. They recognize it as the Word of God, but they hesitate to open its pages. They find themselves paralyzed, not knowing where to start reading, confused by ancient modes of writing, unsure of interpretations. Fr. Kenneth Baker comes to the rescue. In brief synopses of the 73 books he guides new readers through the threshold and shows them how they can move foreward on their own. Inside the Bible will transform almost-readers into avid readers of the sacred text.” – Karl Keating Author, What Catholics Really Believe