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World War I Propaganda Posters

8 Apr

Wake up America! Civilization calls every man, woman and child!. LOC Summary: Woman dressed in Stars & Stripes, symbolizing America asleep. LOC Notes: Promotional goal: U.S. J44. 1917. Date Created/Published: N.Y. : The Hegeman Print, 1917. WW1 propaganda poster provided by LOC. Original medium: 1 print (poster) : color.

Athena and Madonna

7 Apr

The neoclassical Column of Athena, by Leonidas Drosis, in front of the Academy of Athens.

Daughter-Women, as deified by the pagan Athena


Mother-Women, as deified by the Catholic Madonna

American Buffalo (Bison) Stampede (Images)

16 Dec

Buffalo Stampede
circa 1845: Native American hunters cause a herd of buffalo to stampede across the prairie. A painting by W H Jackson. (Photo by MPI/Getty Images)

The Lerneaen Hydra Framed

7 Jun

Art In The Western World: Book Promotion

2 Apr


A leader in its field since original publication in 1935, Art In The Western World retains in the fourth edition the outstanding features which have made the book so popular over the years. It has, at the same time, been completely redesigned and, where necessary, rewritten in accordance with the latest scholarship. The text has been enriched by new illustrations (there are 652 in all) and by reorganization of the sections on Post-Renaissance and on Italian Renaissance painting. Especially valuable additions are two exceedingly full and useful indexes, one for illustrations, the other, a general index.

Blue Highways • William Least Heat Moon

30 Jun



Hailed as a masterpiece of American travel writing, Blue Highways is an unforgettable journey along our nation’s backroads. William Least Heat-Moon set out with little more than the need to put home behind him and a sense of curiosity about “those little towns that get on the map-if they get on at all-only because some cartographer has a blank space to fill: Remote, Oregon; Simplicity, Virginia; New Freedom, Pennsylvania; New Hope, Tennessee; Why, Arizona; Whynot, Mississippi.” His adventures, his discoveries, and his recollections of the extraordinary people he encountered along the way amount to a revelation of the true American experience.


Woman with Bullwhip (Old South) Image

24 May

Bullwhip cartoon