Bomprezzi found guilty of stalking, harassing Douglass County woman

14 Sep




By: Terri Moon Cronk
A California man who has been jailed and court-mandated to undergo psychiatric care recently was found guilty of stalking, harassment and restraining-order violations after more than four years of contacting a Douglas County woman in a reportedly unsolicited manner.

Melvin Bomprezzi, 35, waived his rights to a jury trial for two cases, tried at the same time, and instead underwent a court trial with Judge Thomas Curry in Douglas County District Court on Aug. 9.

Curry found Bomprezzi guilty of all counts and ordered a presentence report to assist in one case at the sentencing, set for 1:30 p.m., Nov. 4. Bomprezzi will be sentenced for both cases at that time.

Bomprezzi began calling and corresponding with the county woman about four years ago, after not seeing her for about 18 years – since they were neighborhood childhood friends in California.

Court records say Bomprezzi’s conversations started out as friendly, but gradually turned threatening. He would often sign his letters, “Mail Bomb.”

He eventually came to Denver.

Bomprezzi, arrested by Denver Police soon after his arrival, was sent to Colorado Medical Health Institute in Pueblo for a mental evaluation and during a 1999 hearing, the court ruled he was not competent to understand the proceedings, assist his attorney, and found to not be competent to stand trial.

After many months of treatment at Pueblo, it was determined Bomprezzi was not able to stand trial until August.

While the victim had restraining orders against Bomprezzi, she said in court that she had continued to receive letters from him while he was in Pueblo, violating his restraining orders.


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