Mad Joe Martin

12 Aug



Music and DJ friends may find this of interest.

After almost 5 decades in Wichita Falls, I have witnessed many concerts come to town. Some were rock, many were country, a few covered the soul/funk genre and several would be hard to classify.🙂
I’m often asked about some of the more memorable concerts I’ve worked/attended. June 6, 1983 sticks out in this DJ’s mind as one I will remember a very long time.
As a disc jockey in the Airmen’s Club at Sheppard AFB, I worked with many well known and up and coming bands. Very few residents of the city rarely, if ever knew of the bands that found their way to Sheppard as civilians were usually not admitted.
On that hot June night at the club, a new band to the scene was coming in from Georgia to perform. Few were familiar with them and I must confess, their moniker was far from a house hold name. My duties at the club included “warming” up the airmen and air ladies. I often played good kickin’ rock from ZZ Top, Zeppelin, and Skynyrd which usually got the crowd wound up tighter than an eight day watch.
The crowd was primed to the max and the band was ready to take the stage. I introduced them to less than thunderous cheers. I had seen the same crowd response before and knew it took a few songs to win a crowd over. That night would prove different. During the first song, the audience appeared to be unresponsive. By the second tune, boos could be heard in the large club. As things continued, a few projectiles were tossed in their direction. It was at that time the attendees began chanting, “We Want The DJ, We Want The DJ” and things had turned ugly.
I will never forget the band walking off stage in disgust about six songs into the set. They had thrown in the towel and were heading for the backdoor to make a fast retreat in that old van with the Georgia license plate. Before they got oustside, I met them at the door and had them autograph a new copy of their album I had purchased that day.

That was a day in Wichita Falls Sheppard AFB history that would live in infamy. That band would never return to our city. They would go on to have a stellar career and pick up 3 Grammy awards as well as other world wide awards.

That was the night I met and opened the show for REM.
Now, you know the rest of the story.


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