2 Aug

60 years old, what  😂 I can’t believe how this wretched boy from El Rio is so content with himself. Ever since the divine introduced himself to me in the most glorious and comforting way. I call the divine, Father, and he gave me the vision to see his creation in all it’s wonderful diversity. Did you know water  💦 is intelligent? It is. With this vision I could see opportunities when placed before me, with wisdom I made commitments and went down paths that have been in it’s entirety an incredible journey  ❤️. I owe so much to the USMC. I learned there that everything in life is mental. Your strength is developed there and anything is possible. Dedicated Loyalty are character standards. And the ability to control what my body does because life comes in segments, like missions. You keep yourself strong, prepare, and always be aware for possible threats.
I owe a whole lot to the “Great State of Texas,” this place has given me so much opportunity and room to grow  ❤️. These people here are pretty much all on the same mission, living a high quality life. I gotta give some credit to the Old Folks here. The men especially show the results of living this quality life. When you see life in the long term as I do, I recognize that I’m in the right place, where our Father wanted me to be. Now I’m all like sitting here waiting for my next mission, and I’m strong and totally prepared  😁.

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