The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

24 Jul

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell


All this takes place on the level of eternal life.  The creator principle is still unconscious, self-occupied, the uroboric dragon who is locked with its tail in its mouth and cannot move anywhere.  There is as yet no earthly creation, nor can there be because a creative principle without a compensatory destructive principle could do nothing but flood all existence.  As long as eternal life is possible then nothing can come into being: creation demands the sacrifice of immortality.

In the heresies of Gnosticism, we are permitted to reflect upon the legends and images that the orthodox faith had rejected and excluded.  We are told that the pole is the hub of the world wheel, and the wheel, or the circle it describes, is the anima mundi, the Soul of the World.  Or the division into opposites comes in another manner:  The Godhead emanates from himself a heavenly light, female in nature, which is divine Wisdom, called Sophia.  Other pairs, or syzygys, are emanated by the Godhead, and these are able to reproduce through consorting with their opposites; the Godhead alone brings other celestial powers into being without any assistance, because he is complete within himself; that is androgynous.


June Singer; Androgyny, Toward a New Theory of Sexuality (Anchor Press/Double Day, Garden City, New York ©1976) p. 130

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