Scientific American Volume 261, Issue 3

7 Jul

Scientific American Volume 261, Issue 3

Managing Planet Earth
By William C. Clark

The Changing Atmosphere
By Paul J. Crutzen and Thomas E. Graedel

The Changing Climate
By Stephen H. Schneider

Threats to the World’s Water
By J. W. Maurits la Rivière

Threats to Biodiversity
By Edward O. Wilson

The Growing Human Population
By Nathan Keyfitz

Strategies for Agriculture
By Norman J. Rosenberg and Pierre R. Crosson

Strategies for Energy use
By Holly L. Gwin, John H. Gibbons and Peter D. Blair

Strategies for Manufacturing
By Nicholas E. Gallopoulos and Robert A. Frosch

Strategies for Sustainable Economic Development
By Jim MacNeill

Toward a Sustainable World
By William D. Ruckelshaus

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