The Rape of The Mind: Medication Into Submission (Excerpt)

21 Jun


A democratic society gives its citizens the right to act as free agents.  At the same time, it imposes on them the responsibility for maintaining their freedom,  mental as well as political.  If, through the use of modern medical, chemical, and mechanical techniques of mental intrusion, we reduce man’s capacity to act on his own initiative, we subvert our own beliefs and weaken our democratic system.  Just as there is a deliberate political brain washing, so can there be a suggestive intrusion masquerading under the name of justice or therapy. This may be less obtrusive than the deliberate totalitarian attack, but is it no less dangerous.


Medication into submission is an existing fact.  Man can use his knowledge of the mind of a fellow being not to help him, but to hurt him and bog him down.  The magician can increase his power by increasing the anxieties and fears of his victim, by exploiting his dependency needs, and by provoking his feelings of guilt and inferiority.


Drugs and medical techniques can be used to make man a submissive and conforming being.  This we have to keep in mind in order to be able to make him really healthy and free.



The Rape of the Mind (Medication Into Submission)

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