What critics and scholars have said about The Don Juan Papers (Excerpt)

4 Jun



What critics and scholars have said about

The Don Juan Papers


“Endlessly fascinating . . . . highly readable . . . . fresh, lively, and even funny”—Ben Reuven, Los Angeles Times

“As intellectually stimulating as Mr. Castaneda’s ‘fieldnotes’ “  —Ray Walters, New York Times Book Review

“Relentless good humor” — San Francisco Chronicle

“Impeccable prose  .  . . scrupulously fair . . . . will be of interest to anyone who likes to read and think, whether or not interested in Castaneda” —Lee Hopkins,  Peninsula Times Tribune

“Fascinating and Highly recommended. . . . will appeal to all lovers of a good mystery” —Gordon Stein, American Rationalist

“A delightful academic detective yarn . . . . priceless, witty, fair-minded  . . . . Read the de Mille book for fun . . . . You’ll probably learn more about don Juan and sorcery from de Mille, the critic, than from Carlos the sorcerer” — Timothy Leary, Lone Star Review

“Must reading for anyone who has read or is planning to read any of the Castaneda books” —Choice (Selected Choice for Outstanding Academic Books list)

“These 44 essays . . . lay bare the greatest hoax in anthropology since the Piltdown man.    Dark corners of the groves of academe . . . . important questions about anthropology as a science” —Bernard L. Fontana,  Books of the Southwest

“As a consumer advocate for the social sciences [de Mille] thinks the traditional distinction between fiction and nonfiction should not be confounded.  This is an engrossing and deeply disturbing book, which teases out a host of vital questions about truth and illusion, scientific ‘objectivity,’ the psychology of the imposter / trickster, and our cultural yearnings for exotic guru figures” —Fraser Snowden, New Age

“The time, skill, diplomacy, patience, and research that must have been involved in its preparation are staggering.  Its revelations are enthralling . . . . fine articles by fine people . . . . Every area Castaneda writes on is reviewed by an expert in that field” —William Madsen, University of California, Santa Barbara

“De Mille’s analysis and evidence are of great importance for an understanding of modern culture, of contemporary social science, and particularly for an understanding of the limitations on the control of deviance in the social-science community. . . . This volume . . .  should be required reading for all methodology courses in anthropology and sociology” —Roy Wallis, New Humanist

“Fascinating and delightful reading. . . . de Mille has done all anthropologists a service — one we should have performed for ourselves but couldn’t”  Philip K. Brock, American Anthropolgist


 The Don Juan Papers • Further Castaneda Controversies; Edited by Richard de Mille, (Ross-Erikson Publishers Santa Barbara ©1980


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