Dr. Jonathan Covey, MD, JD

22 May
Dr. Jonathan Covey, MD, JD
Address: 620 Southpointe Ct #215, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM
Phone: (719) 375-1607
3.2 Stars
21 reviews
“Dr. Covey is by far the best and most honest doctor I have ever spoken with.”
“Come to find out the experience would be so bad, she would come home in tears.”
“He should not be in this profession, all he cares about is the money.”
Google reviews
William Wilder
2 reviews · 3 photos
a month ago
I’ve been trying for months to find a psychiatrist that would be willing to see my fiance in under a week Aspen Pointe told me 1 to 3 months before I could get an appointment and that’s after having to schedule and come in for a consultation. Dr. Jonathan Covey was able to see my fiance the very next day that I called. He has a dry sense of humor which make him easy to get to know. And they were willing to work with me on pricing and scheduling to do what was best for my fiance in the long run. He is highly knowledgeable and was willing to explain in-depth scientific details that I honestly never thought anyone would explain to us.
Genevieve Warren
1 review
a month ago
My 17-yo daughter has been a patient of Dr. Covey’s for over a year now and he’s the first doctor that actually listened to her when she said she didn’t like the way certain medications made her feel. He’s worked with her extensively to find the right medications and right dosages. He’s been so successful with her that both my husband and I have become patients of his in the last year. He’s proven to us that he really cares. He listens, discusses different treatment options and always makes sure we’re informed of possible side effects and outcomes. I don’t think I could recommend him more.
Shelly Kahler
3 reviews
2 months ago
I’ve been seeing Dr Covey for several years now and he has helped me find the right medications for my conditions. He is knowledgeable and listens to me. Because of him, I have regained a quality of life that I had not experienced in years. I’ve also learned to be an advocate for myself.
Alfrida Herriot
3 reviews
5 days ago-
Stellar care. Dr. Covey and Ms. Michelle go above and beyond to ensure patient health and comfort.
Cody Mullis
2 reviews
7 months ago-
Dr. Covey was a great listener and hears his patients out. Like he told me, he does understand what certain medications do, but every person is different and they affect every person differently. Michelle at reception was delightful under stressful circumstances with other psychiatrists closing their doors leaving it to them to take care of nearly everyone. In all reality, most of these negative reviews/posts are people (probably addicts) who didn’t get what they “want” rather than what they needed. Highly recommended.
Local Guide · 5 reviews · 11 photos
3 months ago-
Dr. Covey really helped me get myself together when I wasn’t in a good place. He’s a little stand-off-ish and can look annoyed at times, but he’s a good guy who really does care about his patients. His receptionist is phenominal!
Lisa Sekulich
5 reviews
7 months ago-
I went to see Dr. Covey, and was hopeful that he could help me. It ended up being the absolute worst experience I have ever had with a doctor! Dr. Covey is burnt out!! He didn’t listen nor even care what I had to say! He should not be in this profession, all he cares about is the money. I tried to tell him that he wasn’t looking at me as a person, and he wanted nothing to do with that!! The only good part about his practice is his receptionist, Michelle. Michelle is the only reason why I’m giving one star. It was the first initial appointment and after only 15 minutes into the evaluation, he was ready to let me go, offering No help and also ready to take my money!! Long story short, I would not even recommend him to my worst enemy!!
Suzy Keww
3 reviews
10 months ago-
Dr. Covey is by far the best and most honest doctor I have ever spoken with. We all have our reasons for seeking psychiatric help, for me it’s terrible anxiety, but I leave each visit feeling clear and certain of ‘our’ next step in my mental health care. If you call, and when you get there, you will meet Michelle, his office staff. Possibly the nicest person ever!
Tiffany schwartz
Local Guide · 11 reviews
7 months ago-
He talks a lot. Makes me feel like a burden. And the late/No Show fees are a joke.
Renee Diamond
3 reviews
9 months ago-
I was recommended to Dr. Covey by a friend and I really like him. It’s sad to see some of the negative reviews because he’s one of the few doctors I’ve seen for adult ADHD and anxiety who actually made me feel like he was excited to help me figure things out and genuinely cared about my wellbeing and treatment. I can agree that he is a little straightforward, but isn’t that what you want in a doctor? In regards to making people wait when they get to the appointment, get over it! That’s how he does his job and due to people being late and missing their first appointments, he waits until they show up to begin his review and that does cause you to actually be seen 20-30mins after you arrive. If you want someone who is thorough and actually CARES and wont give you the runaround for months, see Dr. Covey.
heather clyne
3 reviews
11 months ago-
I’ve been going to Dr Covey for almost 4 years. He had always listened and given me the best advice possible. He is one of very few Dr’s that actually listen to the patients and takes in to consideration on what they say in regards to treatment. I’ve recommend him to multiple ppl and everyone has been happy.
Krista Mccann
2 reviews
a year ago-
My fiance has struggled to find a good doctor accepting patience in the springs. She went to Dr. Covey because of his open schedule and willingness to get her in right away. Come to find out the experience would be so bad, she would come home in tears. He constantly told her to “just make a decision” when she was obviously distressed and anxious, and when asked what he thought she should do instead of giving his professional opinion on what he thought the best course of action would be he would either not make a decision at all or force her to make a half informed decision about her medications. He always seemed irritated and condescending when she would try to ask questions or get informed. All in all worst doctor i have ever experienced.
Sydney Cole
6 reviews
a year ago-
I saw Dr Covey for a few months for bipolar, only because he was always available for appointments and nobody else was. I quickly realized why he was always available, because he’s a terrible psychiatrist. He was always very condescending to me and didn’t really listen to anything I had to say. At my last appointment he got annoyed at me and practically yelled at me for “mumbling.” He seemed annoyed that I was depressed and unable to make fast decisions about what medication I wanted to try next. When I said I really wanted to take something for anxiety with bipolar meds he said he didn’t want to play with my brain chemistry like that, which is fine, but since I was depressed and anxious for the whole appointment he very condescendingly said that “because of my actions today I could try this medication because I seem desperate.” I was like no you said that would be bad. There’s plenty of other things I could say about him but bottom line I won’t be going back and you shouldn’t go to him. Especially if you’re very depressed.
Shayne Champlin
1 review
a year ago-
Where do I start with this joke of a practice.
1) Charge a $150 deposit to even schedule an appointment. Then I show up to the appointment 20 minutes ahead of time and the doctor doesn’t walk into until 30 minutes after the appointment was supposed to start.
When I confronted the doctor about it, he made nothing but excuses for why he wasn’t there on time.
2) Michelle (the receptionist) – I don’t know whats wrong with this woman, but she is a monster. While I sat in the waiting room waiting and waiting and waiting for the doctor to show up to the appointment slot they scheduled me into, all she did was huff and puff and mumble under her breath in a disgruntled fashion about who know’s what.
Then when the doctor did show up, they both proceeded to have a conversation about a crazy patient for 10 minutes while I sat there 20 feet from them and listened. I was blown away. There has to be laws against sharing medical information with other parties, but apparently that doesn’t matter to them nor do the rights of their patients to have their privacy protected.
While the doctor was knowledgeable about medications, he basically told me that he’s there to give me whatever I want.
3) I filled out all of this paperwork ahead of time, and Dr. Covey spent 20 minutes of our appointment going over the same questions verbally so he could input them into the computer.
Mind you that he was over 40 minutes late at this point when the appointment began after not even entering the office until 30 minutes after the appt. was supposed to start & talking crap for 10 minutes about their crazy patient.
4) The entire 1st appointment was spent trying to get me to switch my very affordable, perfectly fine medication to another that was 5 times as expensive.
He just kept trying to steer me back to this medication despite my repeated attempts to tell him that what I was taking in the past worked perfectly fine.
The worst part about Dr. Covey’s practice has to be Michelle.
Oh my gosh this woman is malicious and mean. I don’t know what her problem is, but it must be bad. I just don’t understand how someone can be so spiteful and nasty. It actually sounded like she liked talking crap to me.
This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with a psychiatrist.
Lin Putnam
2 reviews
a year ago-
Awesome doctor. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Covey – but the best thing I can say about him is that he is very thorough! Dr. Covey was able to quickly provide a comprehensive diagnose for me and then ask the right questions to determine which medications were RIGHT for me. For me he was a miracle worker.
I think he is pretty awesome!
Tommy Snethen
1 review
a year ago
Worst, unprofessional, rude and called both my wife and I a bully for just telling him the meds that have been working for her. Then he got wife into tears when we were leaving went to Michelle to get our paperwork and he came in and was rude again saying we are done as he got in my wife’s face so as a good husband I got in his face to tell him to watch it and yes I used one curse word at him and he threatened to call the cops…….NEVER had a experience like this…..Horrible!!!!
Michael Mehl
Local Guide · 2 reviews
a year ago-
Toxic practitioner. I took my wife for an appointment that she was apprehensive about making due to the reviews on him. After being 40 minutes late, he took another 5-10 minutes with his office clerk to complain about a patient. He then left the office and came back very grumpy. My wife went back with him and within 5 minutes she came running out in tears. She mentioned that he berated her, yelled at her to speak up, chastised her for not having more specific episodes about trauma. This psychiatrist obviously has compassion fatigue and forgotten what he is there for. Stay away from him if you want any help.
Tara Foley
Local Guide · 57 reviews · 9 photos
a year ago
After a year of convincing my husband to seek the mental health he needs, he makes an appointment with Dr. Convey. They are scheduling a month in advance and require a $150.00 deposit. He shows up for his appointment on 7/11/2016 only to find the doors lock. They call that afternoon, explaining and apologizing for their mistake. He reschedules for 7/18/2016. This is a 90 minute appointment. My husband returns home after the appointment and says, “the Dr spent most of the time going over his resume and talking about himself. He explained that my problems are not his “area of specialities” wrote me another script for the meds prescribed by my primary care physician. He told my husband to just keep taking the meds and sent him on his way. Hopefully, you are reading this Dr. Covey, because I want you to know, you totally failed at doing your job. You did not listen to my husband when that is what he needed. At the very least, you could have offered a referral to someone who could help him. Like I said, it took a year for him to seek help and you destroyed any faith he may have had. You did more harm than good!

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