The Expected One

14 Apr

The Expected One


We believe that the Proof of Allah in His earth and His viceregent (khalifa) among His slaves in this age of ours is the Upholder (al_Qa’ im) (of the laws of God), the Expected One, Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-‘Askari (i.e., the Twelfth Imam). He it is concerning whose name and descent the Prophet was informed by God, and he it is who WILL FILL THE EARTH WITH JUSTICE AND EQUITY JUST AS IT IS NOW FULL OF OPPRESSION AND WRONG. He it is whom God will make victorious over the whole world until from every place the call to prayer is heard and religion will belong entirely to God, exalted be He. He is the rightly guided Mahdi about whom the prophet gave information that when he appears, Jesus, son of Mary, will descend upon the earth and pray behind him. We believe there can be no other Qa’im than him; he may live in the state of occultation (ghaba) (as long as he likes); were it the space of the existence of this world there would be no Qa’im other than him.

John Alden Williams Ed., Great Religions of Modern Man, Islam (George Braziller, New York, ©1962) Dissidents of Community The Twelvers p. 228.


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