This Venerable Father Of All Heretics

29 Mar

An excellent example of this is the Gnostic system that in the second and third centuries proudly named itself after that Simon Magus of whom we are told little in the Acts of the Apostles. It is true that scholars now tell us that this late Simonian Gnosis had very little to do with this venerable father of all heretics, though a small number of scattered fragments may conjecturally be attributed to his pen.

Cf. L. Cerfaux “La Gnose simonienne: nos sources principales”, in recherches de science reliieuse, 16 (1926), pp. 16ff. (h. Lietznmann).


The main part in this system was played by Trojan Helen who was regarded as an embodiment of the aeon Epinoia. The latter in due course became the companion of Simon and was drawn upward out of the sensual that she was sunk. Finally she was actually changed into Selene, the “All-mother and Wisdom”

Pseudo-Clement, Homilia, II, 25 (PG, 2, 93 B): also W.H. Roscher, Mythol. Lexikon, I, col. 9171.


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