Look at the camel and how it is created…

29 Mar

The Darkening


In the Name of God the Compassionate the Caring

Have you heard the news of the darkening
Faces on that day cast down
toiling, worn
put to the fire
their only drink a hot spring boiling
their food, bitter-thorn
which cannot nourish
or assuage the pangs of hunger

Faces on that day glowing in bliss
fulfilled with what they have done
within a garden raised high–
no empty words to hear–
with cold, gushing springs
on couches raised high with goblets in a setting
with cushions arranged in place
saddle-cushions arrayed in rows

Look at the camel
and how it is created
Look at the sky and how it is raised
Look at the mountains and how they are set
Look at the earth and how it is spread

Remind them
All you can do is be a reminder
Over them you have no power
As for him who rejects and turns away
God will bring down upon him great pain

To us they will return
With us will be their accounting

The Darkening offers a glimpse of the day of reckoning, focusing more on the faces of those who experience it than the cosmic phenomena that herald it.


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