Thou wilt not believe thyself not to be Christ.

27 Mar

Simon said :  I spare you until I shall receive my power.

Paul said : See if you will go out hence safe.

Peter said : If thou do not see, Simon, the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, thou wilt not believe thyself not to be Christ.

Simon said : Most sacred emperor, do not believe them, for they are circumcised knaves.

Paul said : Before we knew the truth, we had the circumcision of the flesh ; but when the truth appeared, in the circumcision of the heart we both are circumcised, and circumcise.

Peter said : If circumcision be a disgrace,why hast thou been circumcised, Simon?

Nero said : Has, then, Simon also been circumcised?

Peter said : For not otherwise could he have deceived souls, unless he feigned himself to be a Jew, and made a show of teaching the law of God.

Nero said : Simon, thou, as I see being carried away with envy, persecutest these men. For as it seems, there is great hatred between thee and their Christ : and I am afraid that thou wilt be worsted by them, and involved in great evils.

Simon said : Thou art led astray, O emperor.

Nero said : How am I led astray ?  What I see in thee, I say.  I see that thou art manifestly an enemy of Peter and Paul and their master.

Simon said :  Christ was not Paul’s master.

Paul said : Yes ; through revelation. he taught me also. But tell me what I asked thee–Why wast thou circumcised ?

Simon said : Why have you asked me this?

Paul said : We have a reason for asking you this.

Nero said : Why art thou afraid to answer them?

Simon said : Listen, O emperor.  At that time circumcision was enjoined by God when I received it.  For this reason was I circumcised.

Paul said :  Hearest thou, O good emperor, what has been said by Simon?  If, therefore, circumcision be a good thing, why hast thou, Simon, given up those who have been circumcised, and forced them, after being condemned, to be put to death?

Nero said : Neither about you do I perceive anything good.

Peter and Paul said : Whether this thought about us be good or evil has no reference to the matter, but to us it was necessary that what our Master promised should come to pass.

The Acts of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

Rev.  Alexander Roberts, DD and James-Donaldson, L.L.D.  Eds, Apochryphal Gospels, Acts and Revelations:  Ante Nicene Christian Library Translations of the Writings of the Fathers Down to AD 325 Part Sixteen (Edinburgh T & T. Clark, 38,  George Street MDCCCLXX  pp. 270-271


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