The Acts of Philip • Apocryphal Gospels, Acts and Revelations

18 Mar

And as Philip was just speaking, behold, also John entered into the city like one of their fellow-citizens; and moving about in the street , he asked: Who are these men, and why are they punished? And they said to him: It cannot be that thou art of our city, and askest about these men, who have wronged many: for they have shut up our gods, and by their magic have cut off both the serpents and the dragons; and they have also raised many of the dead, who have struck us with amazement, detailing many punishments (against us): and they wish also, these strangers who are hanging, to pray for fire out of heaven, and to burn up us and our city.

Then says John: Let us go, and do you show me them. They led John, therefore, as their fellow citizen, to where Philip was: and there was there a great crowd, and the consul and the priests. And Philip, seeing John, said to Bartholomew in Hebrew: Brother, John has come, who was in Barek, where the living water is.
And John saw Philip hanging head downwards both by the ankles and the heels; and he also saw Bartholomew stretched out on the wall of the temple; and he said to them: The mystery of him that was hanged between the heaven and the earth shall be with you.
And he said also to the men of the city: Ye men who dwell in Ophioryma Hierapolis, great is the ignorance which is among you, for you have erred in the path of error. The dragon breathing has breathed upon you, and blinded you in three ways: that is, he has made you blind in body, and blind in soul, and blind in spirit: and you have been struck by the destroyer. Look upon the whole creation, whether in the earth or in the heaven, or in the waters, that the serpent has no resemblance to anything above: but he is of the stock of corruption, and has been brought to nothing by God; and on this account he is twisted and crooked, and there is no life in him; and anger, and rage, and darkness and fire. and smoke are in all his members. And now therefore, why do you punish these men because they have told you that the serpent is your enemy?
And when they heard these words from John, they raised their hands against him saying: We thought thee to be a fellow-citizen but now thou hast shown thyself that thou art their companion. Like them, so also thou shalt be put to death; for the priests have intended to squeeze out your blood, and having mixed it with wine, to bring it to the viper to drink it. When therefore, the priests attempted to lay hold of John , their hands were paralyzed.

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