Canto V [Lovers in Hell]

7 Mar

Lovers In Hell


Canto V [Lovers in Hell]

“Oh living creature, gracious and kind,
through the murky air you come to see us,
we who have stained the world with blood.
Were the king of the universe our friend
we would ask that he commend you peace,
for you have pity on our plight perverse.
That of which you wish to hear and speak,
we will hear and we will tell
while the wind, as now, falls silent.”

“Love, so swift to grasp a tender heart,
is what made him want my once fair form
wrenched from me with much yet felt offense.
Love, which won’t let beloved stay apart
struck me with such strong enjoyment for this man
that, as you see, it has not yet abandoned me.”

Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), from Canto V of Inferno

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