2 Jan

Belladonna Leaf  (Deadly Nightshade Leaf), Belladonna Root (Deadly Nightshade Root) and Fluidextract of Belladonna Root are also official in the U.S.P and the B.P.  The average oral doses for adults of these drugs are as follows: belladonna leaf, 0.06 gram;  belladonna Root, 0.045 gram;  Fluidextract of Belladonna Root, 0.05 cc. These preparations, however,  are little used, and preference is given to the tincture or extract of belladonna leaves and to the pure alkaloids.  The U.S.P. and the B.P. also contain a plaster and ointment form of belladonna, but these have few if any valid uses.

Atropine, U.S.P., B.P. the main alkaloid of belladonna, is available as such or as the readily soluble salt, Atropine Sulfate, U.S.P., B.P.

The official stramonium preparations and their doses are as follows; Stramonium (U.S.P., B.P.). 0.075 gram; Extract of Stram0nium (U.S.P., B.P.), 0.02 gram available in pill and powder form;  Tincture of Stramonium (U.S.P., B.P.), 0.75 cc.

The synthetic alkaloids related to the belladona group are discussed at the end of this chapter.  These drugs include  homatropine, eucatropine, eumydrine, novatropine, syntropan and transetin

Gastro-intestinal disorder

Tincture or extract of belladonna and atropine sulfate are serviceable in this disorder to control excess motor activity such as hyperperistalsis, pylorospasm and reflex spasticity of the colon.  The drugs, however, are merely adjuvants to the more important dietary and medical management …

By Louis Goodman, M.A., M.D. and Alfred Gilman, Ph.D. The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics; A Textbook of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutics for Physicians and Medical Students

(The MacMillan Company, New York ©1941) p. 472, 476

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