The Permissible Dissimulation of One’s True Beliefs

24 Oct

Our belief concerning taqīya (permissible dissimulation of one’s true beliefs) is that it is obligatory, and he who forsakes it is in the same position as he who forsakes prayer….
Now until the time when the Imam al-Qa’m appears, taqīya is obligatory, and it is not dispensable to dispense with it. He who does … has verily gone out of religion of God and God has described the showing of friendship to unbelievers as being (possible only) in the state of taqīya.
And the Imam Ja’far said, “Mix with enemies openly but oppose them inwardly, so long as the authority is a matter of question.” He also said, “Diplomacy (al-ria’) with a true believer is a form of polytheism, but with a (hypocrite) in his own house it is worship.”

John Alden Williams Ed. Islam (Great Religions of Modern Man) Dissidents of Community The Twelvers  (George Braziller, New York 1962) p.230


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