And the Lord said to him: I have a slave carpenter, and I wish to sell him.

2 Aug

By lot then India fell to Judas Thomas, also called Didymus. And he did not wish to go saying he was not able to go on account of the weakness of the flesh; and how can I being a Hebrew man, go among the Indians and proclaim the truth ? and while he was thus reasoning and speaking the Savior appeared to him through the night and said to him. Fear not Thomas; go away to India, and proclaim the word; for my grace shall be with thee. But he did not obey, saying: Wherever Thou wishest to send me, send me elsewhere; for to the Indians I am not going.

And thus as he was thus speaking and growing angry, there happened to be there a certain merchant coming from India, by name Abbanes, sent from the king Gundaphoros, and having received an order from him to buy a carpenter and bring him to him. And the Lord having seen him walking about in the market at noon, said to him: Dost thou wish to buy a carpenter? And he said to Him: Yes. And the Lord said to him: I have a slave carpenter, and I wish to sell him. And having said this, He showed him Thomas at a distance, and agreed with him for three pounds of coined silver; and He wrote a bill of sale, saying: I Jesus, the son of Joseph the carpenter, declare that I have sold my slave, Judas by name, to thee Abbanes, a merchant of Gundaphoros, the king of the Indians, And the purchase being completed, the Savior taking Judas who also is Thomas, led him to Abbanes the merchant; and Abbanes seeing him said to him: Is this thy master? And the apostle answered and said; Yes, He is my Lord. And he says: I have bought thee from him. And the apostle held his peace.

Rev. Alexander Roberts, DD and James-Donaldson, L.L.D. Eds, Apochryphal Gospels, Acts and Revelations: Ante Nicene Christian Library Translations of the Writings of the Fathers Down to AD 325 Part Sixteen (Edinburgh T $ T. Clark, 38, George Street MDCCCLXX p.389-390)


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