St Eulogius

23 Jun

ST. EULOGIUS belonged to a noble family of Cordova, which was then the capital of the Moors in Spain.  Ordained to the priesthood, he was placed at the head of the most important ecclesiastical school in Spain, which then flourished at Cordova.  His virtues, to which he joined assiduous fasting and prayer, gained for him universal esteem.

In the year 850, a violent persecution broke out against the Christians.  As one who encouraged the martyrs, St Eulogius was cast into prison together with his Bishop and many priests.  He wrote an Exhortion to Martyrdom for the virgins Flora and Mary, who were then beheaded on November 24, 851.  These two saints promised to pray for their companions, and six days after their death Eulogious and the others were freed.

The persecution continued and St Eulogius became the support of the dispersed flock, encouraging a group of other martyrs who were martyred in 853.  He wrote their history, entitled, Memorial of the Saints, which is permeated by an ardent zeal and spirit of martyrdom.

In 858, it became St Eulogius’ turn to suffer for his Faith. A virgin named Leocritia (or Lucretia) of a noble family of the Moors was converted and sought his protection against her irate parents.  He his her among friends for a time but eventually they were all discovered and condemned to death St. Eologius was beheaded on March 11, 859, and St. Leocritia four days later.

PRAYER  God of power and mercy, through Your help St. Eulogius has overcome the tortures of his passion.  Help us who celebrate his triumph to remain victorious over the wiles of our enemies. Amen

Revision of the Original Edition of Rev. Hugo Hoever, S.O Cist., Phd. Lives . . . of the Saints for every day of the year (Catholic Book Publishing Co, New York 1993-1955) p. 101-102

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