The Catalina

24 May

Catalina: ¡Hola, Doctor Liri! Good to see you. It’s been a long time.
Leary: Hi! Don’t I know you from somewhere?
Catalina: You bet your botes! I’m “the Catalina.”
Leary: That’s a hotel–a charming little hotel.
Catalina: Knock of the sexismo, don Timo. We’re all parafeminists here.
Leary: Well, who are you really?
Catalina: “The Catalina!” I used to be a hotel, now I’m a witch.
Leary: Far out! I used to be a one-celled organism.
Catalina: I know. That’s in Kobler’s article-which was the link between you and Castaneda.
Leary: Really! I couldn’t get anything out of Castaneda. He came to a party in New York-or was it California? Anyway, he sat in a corner and didn’t say a word.
Catalina: He was stalking.
Leary: No he wasn’t.
Catalina: Ess-stalking. With an Ess.
Leary: I see.
Catalina: You don’t see. You just look. You rearrange the old glosses. You and Ram D’Ass, with his effete beautitudes and his provocative banana.
Leary: None of that matters now. I’m doing space colonies. Inner to outer in one lifetime!
Catalina: Hah! You think we’re not up on that?. Did you read about our fifty-thousand foot dome? Is that an artificial extraterrestrial environment, or isn’t it?
Leary: I see what you mean.
Catalina: You don’t see. You’re wrapped up in your incoherent revelations and your superaphrodisiacs and your nightclub act. You were supposed to be a worthy opponent, to boost Carlos into orbit. I had to take over for you because you made such an ass of yourself. Even don Aldous says so.
Leary: Huxley? He’s alive?
Catalina: Well, he’s not dead.
Leary: Where is he?
Catalina: In the dome, of course.
Leary: Can I go to the dome?
Catalina: If you’re scheduled to go there. It’s up to the Nagual.
Leary: How can I find out?
Catalina: Keep reading the books.
Leary: More books? The reviewers said Castaneda was burnt out.
Catalina: That’s a bunch of crap. They’re burned up because he made monkeys out of them. This cult business can go on forever. It’s a kind of immortality.
Leary: That’s reassuring.
Catalina: Not for you, bobo. For him.
Leary: I see.
Catalina: No you don’t. Don Juan and Carlos see. Don Q and Liri talk!

Richard de Mille, Ed. The Don Juan Papers Further Castaneda Controversies (Santa Barbara, Ross Erikson Publishers, 1980. p.316.)

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