Kirêevski, Pêsni, pt. vi, p. 207

7 May

Recorded from Moscow

                                              Kirêevski, Pêsni, pt. vi, p. 207

It is not from behind the forest, the dark forest,

It is not from behind the high mountains,

It is not the bright sun which has risen,

It is the orthodox tsaritsa who has appeared,

The orthodox tsaritsa, Marfa  Matvêevna.

On the floor, the floor of white hazel wood,

On the carpet, the carpet of purple,

The orthodox tsaritsa has gone forth,

The orthodox tsaritsa, Marfa Matvêevna;

She has come to the cathedral

And cried in a loud voice;

“Are there any clergy in the church?

Open the Cathedral

To admit the orthodox tsaritsa !’

When the tsaritsa entered the cathedral

She said her prayers, turning in three directions,

But on the fourth side she descried,

She caught sight of the coffin of white stone;

The tsaritsa cried in a loud voice;

“Alas, orthodox tsar,

Orthodox tsar, Ivan Vaselevich !

Why do you sleep so deeply and awake not?

Without you the whole realm will be in turmoil;

All the palace guard will rise,

They will cut down all the princes and boyars in their ranks,

And me, the tsaritsa, they will not obey !”

“O, orthodox tsaritsa, Marfa Matvêena !

We will obey you indeed,

We will indeed offer you our submission.

The fears of the tsaritsa were not groundless.  Horsey tells us of the great panic which prevailed on the death of Ivan, and of the strong guard which had to be set at the doors and gates of the palace.

Cried owt to the captaines and gonnors to kepe their gard stronge and the gaetts shure aboute the pallace, with their peces and matches lighted: the gaetts of the castell presently shutt and waell watched, I offered myself, men, powder and pistolls .

Yt was admirable what dispatch ther was in six or seaven howers: the treasories sealled up, and new officers added to the old of this familie.  Twelve thowsand gonners, and captaines over them, sett for a garison about the walls of the great cittie of Musquo

Sir Jerome Horsey, Travels, ed cit. p. 202.

The Cathedral was probably not the the Cathedral of the Assumption (the Uspensky Sobot) referrred to in the bylina of the Lament of the Troops, but the Cathedral of Michael the Archangel, also in the Kremlin in Moscow

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