The abbreviation cf. derives from the Latin word confer…

15 Apr

“So, what would you say,” he asked me, “since you are a learned man, about a sorcerer storyteller’s taking an account from the memorable dates—let’s say, for example, the story of Calixto Muni—and changing the ending so that instead of describing how Calixto Muni was drawn and quartered by the Spanish executioners, which is what happened, he tells a story of Calixto Muni the victorious rebel who succeeded in liberating his people?”

I knew the story of Calixto Muni. He was a Yaqui Indian who, according to the memorable dates, served for many years on a buccaneer ship in the Caribbean in order to learn war strategy. Then he returned to his native Sonora, managed to start an uprising against the Spaniards and declared a war of independence, only to be betrayed, captured, and executed.

Castaneda Carlos  The Power of Silence  (p121)

To whom Peter said:  Immediately shalt thou know that we are true disciples of Christ; but that he is not Christ, but a magician and a malefactor.  Nero said: Do You still persist?  Behold you see him going up into heaven.  Then Peter looking stedfastly upon Paul said:  Paul look up and see.  And Paul having looked up, full of tears, and seeing Simon flying said:  Peter, why art though idle?  Finish what thou hast begun; for already our Lord Jesus Christ is calling us.  And Nero hearing them, smiled a little and said:  These men see themselves worsted already, and are gone mad.  Peter said:  Now thou shalt know that we are not mad.  Paul said to Peter: Do at once what thou doest.

And Peter, looking steadfastly against Simon, said:  I adjure you, ye angels of Satan, who are carrying him into the air, to deceive the hearts of the unbelievers, by the God that created all things, and by Jesus Christ, whom on the third day He raised from the dead, no longer from this hour to keep him up, but to let him go.  And immediately, being let go, he fell into a place called Sacra Via, that is, Holy Way, and was divided into four parts, having perished by an evil fate.

Apochryphal Gospels , Acts and Revelations:  Ante Nicene Christian Library Translations of the Fathers Down to AD 325

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