The Dawn

13 Apr

In the name of God the Compassionate the Caring

By the dawn
By the nights ten
By the odd and even
By the night as it eases away
Is there not an oath for the thoughtful mind

Did you not see what your lord did to “Ad-
great pillared Iram
like nothing created in this land before-
and Thamud with its carvings in the river bed rock
and Pharoah of the tent pegs
who spread oppression through their lands
and compounded their corruption?

Your lord brought down upon them the lash
of pain
Your lord is hiding and waits

Such is the human being that when his lord
tries him with generosity and bounty
he says: my lord has honored me
but when his lord tries him with hunger and lack
he says: my lord has treated me with disdain

But no. To the orphan you are ungiving
You do not demand food for those that hunger
You feed on inheritances and devour
You love possessions with a love consuming

Rather. When the earth is split apart, splitting
When the lord and the angels approach rank on
rank arrayed
When on that day Jahannam is brought close
then the human being will remember
and what good will it do him that he
Saying: If only I had made provision for my life
On that day no one else will suffer his pain
No one will be held to the covenant he made but he

O soul made peaceful
return to your lord accepted and accepting
Come in among my servants
and in my garden enter

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