Money talks, Bullshit walks

10 Apr


Attempting to accomplish a goal by demonstrating possession of material resources will succeed, while attempting to accomplish that goal through mere rhetoric will fail.  [quotations ▲]

  • 1968, Keefe Brasselle, The Cannibals: A Novel about Television’s Savage Chieftains, page p. 68:

    “You taught me a great expression a few years ago, Joey—don’t forget it yourself.”
    “What expression?” I asked.
    Money talks—bullshit walks. Joey, the further away from the Chairman I get, the better I like it.”
  • 1984, Jack DeSario, ‎Stuart Langton, Symposium on Citizen Participation and Public Policy, page 321:
    As my former congressman put it so inelegantly: “Money talks; bullshit walks.”
  • 2001, Paul William Roberts, ‎Norman Snider, Smokescreen: One Man Against the Underworld, page 252:
    First rule of the cold approach: money talks, bullshit walks. So Cal would tip the guy twenty dollars on a hundred-dollar tab.

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