Which Witch ?

20 Mar

“Out of all the witch scenes I have seen, I find Rupert Goold’s interpretation interests me the most. The witches are portrayed as nurses and when they are left by themselves, the spine-chilling performance begins. I like the way the ominous mood is set with the change in lighting and the sudden silence. This brings attention to the drastic change in environment. This scene is very strong and gripping in my eyes.”

Rupert Goold v Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski’s representation is set in the time period that Shakespeare’s play is set in with kings and queens. Rupert Goold’s version is different, it is a more modern interpretation that is set during a war. You can see that the soldier’s are part of the Soviet Union shown by the uniform. The setting in both of these scenes are also very different; Polanski’s is set in a very open and wide beach whereas Goold’s is set in a closed small hospital building.In Roman Polanski’s movie, the witches are portrayed as old and dirty. Rupert Goold’s witches are shown as three young nurses. The old witches are a more typical representation whereas the nurses are a different version of witches. The difference can be seen in the two pictures below.


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