Thermo Scientific Orion 960 Titrator and Autosampler

24 Oct



Thermo Scientific Orion 096000 960 Titrator PLUS System

Representative image only.

Thermo Scientific Orion Mfr # 096000 – Item # EW-24909-20
Highly versatile analytical instrument with complete automation capability
  • 12 pre-programmed analysis techniques
  • Store up to 20 methods
  • Potentionmetric titrations including acid/base, redox, precipitation and complexometric
  • Store up to 20 methods
  • Assured Accuracy™ provides titrant delivery with gravimetric calibration

Specifications & Description

  • Display TypeLCD
  • Min mV (mV)-1600
  • Max mV (mV)1600
  • mV Resolution0.01
  • Min Temperature (° C)-5
  • Max Temperature (° C)105
  • Temperature Accuracy±0.1°C
  • OutputRS-232
  • Power (VAC)110 / 120 / 220 / 240
  • Power (Hz)50/60
  • Length (in)18
  • Width (in)17
  • Height (in)16
  • Length (cm)45.7
  • Width (cm)43.2
  • Height (cm)40.6
  • Description960 Titrator PLUS System


Model 24909-20 Orion 960 Titrator PLUS System , complete with Orion EA 940 pH/ISE Meter and Orion 960 Titrator PLUS Module, includes: base assembly, tower assembly, electrode holder, stirrer, two dispenser probes, one anti-diffusion dispenser probe with s


The Orion 960 potentiometric titrator can be used for classical titrations and it can also automate the measurement of any species measurable by ion selective and pH electrodes. Operation is simple by answering “YES” and “NO” to the easy-to-understand questions on the instrument’s display. Pre-programmed analysis techniques: preset pH endpoint, preset mV endpoint, first derivative titration, second derivative titration single/double/multiple known subtraction, multiple analate addition, gran function, gran predict, standardize system, help analysis, and pH read.

The dispenser is a rotary reciprocating pump resulting in no dead volume. Quick release fittings make it easy to disconnect on bottle and connect another. Achieve higher levels of automation by adding an

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