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Then At A Deadly Pace It Came From Outer Space

29 Nov

Meteorite Russia

You and Your Johnson

29 Nov

Science Fiction Double Feature

29 Nov


You may think I’m over a barrel, but I’m really a Do-Do Bird psychologist that used to work for CMHIP.

29 Nov

Do Do Bird

I knew Leo Arguello was over a barrel.

29 Nov

Over a Barrel


The phrase “Over A Barrel” has been in use since at least 1939 when it was used in Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep: “We keep a file on unidentified bullets nowadays. Some day you might use that gun again. Then you’d be over a barrel.”

The metaphor is probably a reference to a prisoner being strapped over a barrel and flogged. Literal references to a barrel being used for flogging date back to the 19th century. This poem from 1869’s Nonsense by Brick Pomeroy uses over a barrel to refer to children being punished by a schoolteacher:

I’d like to be a school-marm,
And with the school-marms stand,
With a bad boy over a barrel
And with a spanker in my hand

There is also a reference to using a barrel as part of the treatment of a drowning victim.  The mode of treatment is to roll the patient over a barrel, as if he were drowned only in the bowels, and it was expected that, by dislodging the water at that point, the victim would soon be revived.

The flogging metaphor, however, fits the meaning of the modern use much better than the drowning metaphor and therefore seems more likely as the origin.


28 Nov


The backside reads Jim in Marines w\Jim Green

28 Nov

Jim In Marines

This is a picture of my Dad, James John Brown,  in the Marines before I was born.  He was only in the for a short time being granted a hardship discharge during the Korean War to take care of his mother.

I don’t know what effect the Marines had on him, but he was always yelling at me like a Sergeant Major.   Maybe he was always that way, I don’t know, but I know he enjoyed and emulated John Wayne as a mentor and hero and whenever a John Wayne movie was broadcast on television as a child he would be there along with the rest of the family to watch.