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The Bathroom Dilemna

30 Sep

Let’s see

1. I’m a boy not hardly a girl at all.
2. Neither am I a man or a woman. Because that manhood is invented and that woman is diablero.
3. May your enemies love women and your friends delight in boys.

The Bathroom Dilemma

Ying Yang

Urban Cowboy

29 Sep

James the Lesser and Other Nonbiblical Stories

29 Sep

James Hanarahan was the brother of John Hanrahan. John was equivalent to the Greek God Dionysus, leading people astray in a time of plenty or in the darkness of the night.

James was smaller and about three years younger with blond hair, to me he seemed friendlier and more affable than his brother John. But I ended up feeling sorry for him and his plight, he looked toward his brother for guidance and also his friends who I found out were a bunch of criminally minded punks. One day he knocked his two front teeth out playing on a trampoline as as young adult. He claimed he had taken a lot of LSD that day and was with his friends. He didn’t seemed the slightest bit upset when he told me the story of his accident.

Once when I was seeing John regularly I went to his house for dinner with his father who was a retired air force full bird colonel.
They drank cow milk with their meal. I made a comment that at home we never had milk with our meals only tea or water. The colonel shot back something of the sort that: We’re not Jews we’re allowed to have milk with our meals.

There was a place in town famous for their sloppy barbecues once I had a barbecue meal with John at his house before we went out somewhere that night I think to a country dance club. Because this was Urban Cowboy times. I began complaining that I couldn’t eat all the food before me. John said: That you have to learn to stretch your stomach. Personally I don’t think that was too good of advice.

I had the same problem with bad advice from Mark Dehan. I used to fast a lot especially when I was in the military. When I saw Mark again after that, he complained a lot that he wasn’t able to fast anymore or go to bed on an empty stomach.

My experience is that eating right before going to bed leads to vivid distorted dreams even nightmares.

Art Mooney • I’m looking over a four leaf clover

29 Sep

4 Leaf Clover

29 Sep

Cloverleaf Interchange

Full Cloverleaf

101 Dalmatians

29 Sep

I just want to thank all the Dalmatians that have been here before me and paved the way for me to be here today.

101 Dalmations

You and Your Johnson

28 Sep