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Fornication Turns Men into Beasts

30 Apr

Scooby Do

Around Here They Mostly Look Like This.

The Mommy

30 Apr

Sophia Begot Barbelo

Once upon a bygone time,
Before the time of nursery rhymes
When water flowed with finite brine
Epinoia spewed perfume’s divine
But there was no nose to smell her vine
No tongue to taste her fruits of wine
No ear to listen to music chimes
No eyes to see radiant beauty shine
No touch to caress in evening time.

And as the fountain of all radiance
She spewed star dust, The First aether Dance.
birthed daughter Sophia; Mother’s first romance
a mirror of magic in winds of enhance.
A mother’s child full grown one day
And taught her love a virgin’s way
Together breathing garden spray
In radiance of heaven’s play.

The power of virgins flew far away
Came down to earth and kissed the clay
And man appeared in break of day
As girls made boys to share and play.
And as earth crust twisted, spun and turned
Boiling hot oil within her burned
A ball of butter melted churned
Made cosmic fire explode her ferns.

The sun shone hot to bake her clay
As spinning mass made night and day
An atmosphere to soothe the blaze
As heavens called; her dead man raised
To rapture some to Mother’s womb above
All woman’s spirits cooed like doves
Gave every life a taste of love
As newly open eyed mom above.

Love was the essence of her connection
Robbers came; taught man insurrection
And made clay genders with sore infection
To mine for gold little god defections.
And stars on high cried heaving tears
As gasses flamed and terrors smeared
And gods fought earth as man stole gears
And soured the wine; binding woman in fear.

And earthquakes rocked; volcanoes blew
As boiling lava overflowed
And hurricanes made cleansing news
Tsunami tidal waves came through.
And heavens pulled the earth apart
As ozone holes exposed hind parts
When fiery oil spilled gusher starts
Made men to die from weak failed hearts.

And Mother’s womb took back her chord
They didn’’t know that She was Lord
And all men died in one accord
Their breath cut off by the Elysium Sword

Tears on a River

30 Apr

The Bridge On the River Kwai

30 Apr

My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

30 Apr


The Dummy

30 Apr


The Mummer

30 Apr