The Overturning

10 Nov

In the Name of God the Compassionate the Caring

When the sun is overturned
When the stars fall away
When the mountains are moved
When the ten-month pregnant camels
are abandoned
When the beasts of the wild are herded together
When the seas are boiled over
When the souls are coupled
When the girl-child buried alive
is asked what she did to deserve murder
When the pages
are folded out
When the sky is flayed open
When Jahim is set ablaze
When the garden is brought near
Then a soul will know what it has prepared
I swear by the stars that slide,
stars streaming, stars that sweep along the sky
By the night as it slips away
By the morning when the fragrant air breathes
This is the word of a messenger ennobled,
empowered, ordained before the lord of the throne,
holding sway there, keeping trust
Your friend has not gone mad
He saw him on the horizon clear
he does not hoard for himself the unseen
This is not the word of a satan
struck with stones

Where are you going?
This is a reminder to all beings
For those who wish to walk straight
Your only will is the will of God
Lord of all beings

THIS SURA OFFERS A COSMIC UNVEILING. The sky, the seas, the mountains, the normal order of life are pulled away, and the deepest secret within revealed

The English word apocalypse is derived from the Greek word for unveiling.  In the Overturning, one mark of the apocalypse will be the question addressed to young girls who were buried alive.  In ancient bedouin society, male children were valued more than female children …


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