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Roxette • The Look

31 Aug


The Races of Man: Inner Life of a People – Economic Organization (Excerpt)

31 Aug

The system by which property is held depends on the mode of production for the distribution and consumption of wealth are in intimate relation with the mode of procuring it.

When society is organized along tribal lines in the same society three sorts of property, collective, family, and individual, may exist simultaneously side by side.  What decides its category is the character of the labor expended, the mode of production.  I have made a flint implement with my own hands, it is mine; with the assistance of my wife and children I have built the hut, it belongs to the family;  I have hunted with the people of my tribe, the beasts slain belong to us all in common.

J. Deniker, ScD. (Paris) 1852-1918,  The Races of Man (The Walter Scott Publishing Co, LTD, Paternoster Square, London E.C. ) p. 245



Led Zeppelin • When The Levee Breaks

31 Aug


Twin Towers 9/11/2001 Attack • Tower Burning

30 Aug

Kim Carnes • Bette Davis Eyes

29 Aug


The White Buffalo – The Madman

28 Aug