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The Eighties

31 May


Go-Go Now!

30 May

The Last Templar

30 May


My theory is…

30 May

I f you keep fornicating using the same animal to eat that chicken that was pulled out of your snatch, that your children will become more and more dog-like or pig- like or like pig-dogs or cows or geese.  And maybe it is not the schools that are failing but the fact that you won’t stop fornicating with animals to have more children.  Jesus there are seven billion of us on earth and the planet can’t take it anymore.  You’re all full of hate.

The Employment Process

29 May

“Are you married?”

“No, single”

“Sorry we can’t hire non-fornicators.”

Leave It To Beaver

28 May

“Mrs. Believer Beaver Cleaver, Come on, I Lady Justitia.”

28 May